Free. That is one word that all small business owners love to hear. Twitter allows you to advertise your business and products for free. At the access of your fingertips you can advertise your business for free everyday advertising.  

Create Your Plan

You need to have a plan or goal on what you want to accomplish with your social media. Is it followers? Website clicks? Or increasing brand awareness? Having goals will help you strategize your plan on how to become successful on social media. 


To succeed on Twitter, you need to advertise, whether it’s a little or a lot. Your business should set aside a certain amount (as much as $5) each month to be successful. This can really help you invest in what you know your business wants to accomplish. Advertising can also be used to jumpstart a tweet that could potentially go viral. Most tweets that have gone viral, were advertised before they got to the certain number of retweets they’re currently at.  

Start Making Videos

Videos on Twitter do exceptionally well compared to a regular post and even photos. Twitter showed that videos are 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo. Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone should be investing all their time and money for a video that looks amazing. What Twitter found was ads shorter than 15 seconds did well, 6 seconds being the sweet spotYou want to make sure that your brand is in the video to put it into the viewers head so they will remember the logo. Also, make sure your entire Twitter profile is complete. This is the first thing people will see when they click on your tweet from an ad and whenever they look you up. Here is an example of a well filled out bio, explaining everything that they do and including their website: Engage

Knowing your audience is key for how you are going to approach them with your tweets. There are three different types of tweets: conversation, control, and back talk. Conversation is what seems to do best because you are interacting and makes engagement more one-on-one. Control is announcing things or showing off your product or service and isn’t asking for feedbackThen back talk is when you’re talking back to your followers and interacting with them in that way. When posting, don’t be afraid to be punny or have some sass, these types of tweets seem to be most successful. 

Twitter analytics is a great tool for how to recognize your audience and view your account activity. It is free and very helpful, giving you all kinds of information that you wouldn’t have known.   

Now, is the time to start advertising on social media to have your name and brand out there.  


Information in this blog was summarized from the “What brands need to succeed on Twitter” webinar hosted by @TwitterBusiness. Here’s a link to the recording and a copy of the presentation 

By Carson Ehrhardt, ECEDC Intern, Edison High School & BGSU Firelands Student