Vibrant Health in Action

 The Mission of Elite Wellness Group in Huron is for clients to experience vibrant health using nutrition as a strong foundation, and that mission is made possible by the vibrant women at the helm of the organization. Partners Karen Brown and Beth Laffay were friends and neighbors before they realized a shared passion and turned it into a small business. Now, with a team of six women working alongside of them they have built national and international success stories.

Passion Drives Priorities

Before starting Elite Wellness Group, Karen and Beth both had backgrounds in nutrition. As Beth put herself through medical school and Karen owned and operated health food stores, both women became frustrated with the one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and wellness. And so was born the perfect partnership and the leadership for Elite Wellness Group today. Beth ranks getting started with the business in line with earning her medical degree, a significant accomplishment. Karen is proud of her vision in recognizing the need for individualized nutrition services and critical thinking in determining how personalized nutrition could be delivered.

Together though, the partners’ greatest accomplishment is living happily. As Beth described, it is so much easier to stay where you are and complain than to make a change, and since they both took the leap to pursue Elite Wellness, they can successfully say they’re living happily. As Karen says, “if you’re not healthy and good to yourself, you’re not good for anyone”, and that’s the purpose of their business, to ensure their clients realize the benefits of living well in all aspects of their life. Beth says, “people are hungry for this type of care for their health.”

Becoming Businesswomen

Since partnering, Karen and Beth have quickly moved from their Phase One of “dreaming” to Phase Two, leaving their prior jobs and moving full steam ahead. A part of the philosophy guiding their business is to not listen to fear in decision making. As Karen says, “fear can keep you small”.

As the business has grown, the partners have been surprised and humbled to also learn what they are capable of. Karen, with a history in nutrition never imagined herself as a web designer, but all is possible in running a business. Karen says, “it is amazing when you realize what you’re truly capable of when you have to make it happen for your business.”

A Healthy Future

While realizing their dream of providing individualized service to improve others’ lives has been a rewarding accomplishment, Karen and Beth are still focused on their future. They pride themselves on being open to opportunities. Specifically, the partners pride themselves on being transparent. They are always willing to ask for help and deeply appreciate support that other small businesses and the surrounding community has given them. Elite Wellness Group’s vision is to be THE go-to health resource in their community and to be established and recognized for all things nutrition.

In pursuit of that vision, the partners strive to keep in mind their greatest challenge, which is simultaneously their greatest opportunity – how to grow intentionally. As the company grows and finds new opportunities, Karen and Beth strive to stay focused, practice what they preach, and keep all that they do healthy with a family culture. That intentional growth at times requires taking a time out, ensuring they are on the same page, and redefining their direction. This strategy helps ensure that others are not defining Elite Wellness Group’s direction, the partners are. Whether looking to lead a healthy life, or a healthy business, Karen and Beth are a wealth of knowledge.

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