How do you picture a movie producer? The aggressive interviewer? A salesman in endless pursuit of the money shot? When it comes to Joey Cassel, owner of New Departure Films, you’ll have to think again. Joey defines himself simply as following his own path and striving toward his own goals, while doing everything in his power to enable those around him to do the same.  Joey grew up in Erie County and like many, was excited to move back with his wife and family. No two stories of entrepreneurship are the same, and this holds true for New Departure Films. We’ll track the story of New Departure Films with a special focus on Joey and the role he’s grown to fill in his company and his community.

Born of Necessity

Joey is a goal-oriented man. Complacency is not his friend. One of his biggest goals has always been to create a feature film. After his first attempt at a feature film, Joey found himself in a tough financial situation. As a result, his first film production company was born. There were busy days going door to door to secure customers.  Though the business was started of financial necessity, there’s no doubt that is was founded on credentials. Joey’s talent and skills in producing movies are unmatched in this region.

 Bred by Energy & Inspiration

But there’s so much more to Joey than his credentials. Listening to Joey speak about his work gives you a small glimpse into the true passion behind it. Joey describes New Departure Films as a company that tells impassioned stories. His description of the company is verified by the way he describes client relationships. Joey shares the example of producing this video for Derrick Moore, another local entrepreneur. Joey goes out of his way to study his subject. He shadowed Derrick for a week to ensure he would find what was most special about Derrick and find the best narrative. Joey ensures integrity is a part of every piece of work he produces. It is evident that Joey is inspired by his clients and takes the greatest satisfaction from clients who are impressed by the stories he creates. To Joey, a video is so much more than a video, it’s a way to connect people emotionally.

Part of Something More

As Joey used his business to provoke emotion in his viewers, there’s one subject in particular he is drawn to capturing – the area he grew up in, is raising his family in, and does business in – Erie County. “My relationship with the Sandusky is special”, says Joey, “We have a mutual passion for the area and we’re able to help shine a little extra light on great people”.  When it comes to entrepreneurship, Joey is clear, “there’s never been a better time in this area to own your own business”. Joey is taking advantage of that climate. But for him, it continues to be about more than doing business, it’s about following his passion and pursuing his goals. “We’re fortunate to be in this little pocket of the world chasing our dreams”, says Joey, and we agree.

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