In anticipation of Sandusky’s Bicentennial Founder’s Day Parade, ECEDC celebrated Wagner Quarry as a “Legacy Company”. Wagner Quarry, a part of Hanson Aggregates (a HeidelbergCement Group Company), is looked upon as a model in the aggregates industry. Looking back over the 200 years of Sandusky’s history, it’s hard to remember a time when this rock mining and crushing facility was not a key player in the local economy. Looking forward, Wagner will use a few of their keys to success to continue contributing to our vibrant county. Read the full article here, and enjoy the photo gallery below.

A Consistent Presence in the Heart of Development

Aerial shots of Wagner Quarry’s 486 acre footprint show its steady business presence at the heart of surrounding development. Photos from 1957, 1978, c. 1997, c. 2016




An Age old Solution with Modern Processes

Wagner has been in the rock crushing business for 106 years. Though that has not changed, Wagner has adapted its processes, technology, and site to increase efficiency and meet customer demands. A seamless weigh process for trucks is one example (weigh station pictured below).


Contributing to the Local Economy

Wagner Quarry intentionally invests in other local businesses.

Investing in Growth

In the past four year alone, Hanson Aggregates at Wagner Quarry has invested over $5 million has been invested in mobile equipment. This type of investment is nothing new for Wagner as evidenced by the photos below,


In addition to investments in mobile equipment, in 2017  Hanson invested $7 million in infrastructure upgrades and technological improvements to the original mine house on site, solidifying the company’s future in Erie County.


Giving Back to the Community

Wagner prides itself on being a good neighbor as evidenced by the smiling faces and thank-you notes below.