In anticipation of Sandusky’s Bicentennial Founder’s Day Parade, ECEDC celebrated Gundlach Sheet Metal as a “Legacy Company”. Over the past 129 years an entrepreneurial spirit, a love for this community, and a passion for growth has been handed down through six generations of Gundlachs in the business. Read the full article here, and enjoy the photo gallery below.

“The Shop”

Founder Charles William Gundlach I stands in his hardware store in 1889. The store originally provided canning lids and basic service to potbelly stoves.

Charlie’s business quickly evolved to changing out entire potbelly stoves and then to commercial industrial sheet metal fabrication and home heating. Here he stands in the shop in the early 1900s.

Wes Gundlach (3rd generation) works on an order for American Crayon. No one knows how a project of this size left the shop.

Roger (4th generation), owner,  and Andy (5th generation), HVAC and Service & Controls Manager, stand on the same property where Charlie started.

Always Evolving

The original delivery method for Gundlach. Notice the elevated floors in the shop for easy loading of products in the carriage. Those windows remain today and are waist-height.

Changing technology with automobile delivery.

Consistent investment in infrastructure for growth.


Growth is never an accident. Gundlach invested in their own success with some advertising through the ages.