In anticipation of Sandusky’s Bicentennial Founder’s Day Parade, ECEDC celebrated Toft Dairy as a “Legacy Company”. Quality, customer satisfaction, and family – these are three values that have led Toft Dairy to years of consistent expansion and progress in Sandusky. 118 years to be exact. Read the full article here, and enjoy the photo gallery below.

The “Milk Wagon”

The Milk Wagon was one of the Toft’s first growth initiatives, expanding their market by taking their milk into town. The wagon is now proudly displayed in front of their state of the art facility on Venice Rd, Sandusky.


Product Innovation

Toft Dairy has achieved growth over the years by constantly evolving  how products are delivered and packaged and what products are sold. This dairy is much more than milk now, boasting over 70 flavors of ice cream!

Many Homes in One Home

Toft’s first retail location opened up in 1935 with the acquisition of Sandusky’s Oswald Dairy. Consistent growth has required several moves and upgrades from Adams St, to W Monroe, and their current home on Venice Rd.  Through growing and moving, Toft Dairy has always stayed rooted in the Bicentennial City of Sandusky. Today’s Venice Rd facility is a 76,000 square foot, high-tech operation partially powered by wind turbine.