Founding Principles

Sandusky law firm Flynn, Py & Kruse prides itself on many things – a long history in the heart of the City of Sandusky is just one of those.

Flynn, Py & Kruse was founded in 1875 by the honorable Judge Edmund B. King. With vast experience in public service, King laid the principles which the private practice continues to operate by today – strong work ethic, desire to deliver the best possible results for the firm’s clients, and service to the community.

The foundation for the firm was laid 143 years ago by a man who was held in high esteem by all of Erie County, and continues today through several generations of lawyers who incorporate the ideals of past generations into their daily and professional lives.  Major practice areas include business transactional law,  estate planning and probate, administration, non-profit governance, domestic relations, and civil litigation. As a general practice law firm with ten lawyers, Flynn, Py & Kruse addresses virtually any legal matter that may arise.

Key  Players

Over the years, many lawyers have made their mark on the firm’s history while simultaneously leaving an impact in the City of Sandusky and greater region. Before assuming the name Flynn, Py & Kruse in 1946, the firm had been known as:

  • King & Guerin
  • King Guerin & Ramsey
  • King, Ramsey & Pyle
  • King, Ramsey & Flynn
  • Flynn, Frohman, Buckingham, Py & Kruse

With each namesake bringing experience from across the state, James F. Flynn was perhaps one of the most dynamic “players” in company history. A Sandusky native, graduate of Sandusky High School, and attendee of Sandusky Business College, Flynn was admitted to the firm in 1919. Son of the Erie County Recorder, James is said to have inherited the “gift of gab” from his father according to the Centennial History of Erie County, Ohio, Vol. II. This publication also indicated it would be hard to capture the essence of “Jimmy” Flynn in a biography, stating that, “This sketch gives no ideal of the personality of Jimmy Flynn nor of his professional ability.  There is no one of the younger lawyers with better prospects than he.”

Legacy through Law

Dynamic personalities and lawyers with strong advocacy skills, a sophisticated understanding of the legal and business environment in the region, and a traditional yet contemporary view of responsive client service did not leave the firm mid-century. One lawyer in particular who committed himself to the principles that had enabled the firm to endure was Melvyn J. Stauffer.

Mel served the firm for 66 years. While his legal accolades were many, including notably arguing Teamsters Union v Morton before the US Supreme Court in 1964, Mel was most known for his work in the community. Mel’s accomplishments include leading the effort to create Bowling Green State University Firelands Campus, designing the merger that built Firelands Regional Medical Center, establishing Stein Hospice Services Inc, helping to launch the Erie County Community Foundation, and serving many other private foundations and non-profit organizations.

Shortly after the passing of Flynn, Py & Kruse’s founder Judge King, a fellow judge said of him, “it will be a long time before Erie County again has a citizen of the outstanding principles of Judge King. His predominating character was his unselfishness. There was not a movement in the community that he was not to the fore in. Sandusky has lost one of its finest friends.” (A Standard History of Erie County, Ohio) The same could be said of Mel Stauffer, who solidified the foundation that Judge King laid 143 years ago.