Welcome to Erie County Economic Development Corporation’s holiday celebration and commemoration! In December 2018, ECEDC is hosting an email series highlighting 12 Days of Development in Erie County. The end of one year and start of another is a refreshing time in economic development. We appreciate the pause, reflection and new beginnings that come along with the season. As we look back on 2018, there’s much cause to celebrate in our community. Join us for this stroll down memory lane throughout the month of December for spotlights on companies investing, improving, and innovating in Erie County. #ErieCounty12Days We encourage you to read the stories below, congratulate your neighbors, recognize the contributors we couldn’t include, and let us know what you’re working on for 2019.
Day 12 – Gundlach Sheet Metal Works – A Tale of 2 Upgrades
Day 11 – Erie County Community Foundation – Making a Place to Gather and Grow
Day 10 – Halo Live – A Virtuous Vision
Day 9 – Derrick’s Diner – The Ingredients for Success
Day 8 – Ohio Patients’ Choice – Chooses Community First, Always
Day 7 – NASA Plum Brook – The Path to the Moon Starts in Erie County
Day 6 – H2 Property Management Part 1 – One great couple, two loved communities, and lots and lots of development
Day 5 – H2 Property Management Part 2 – One great couple, two loved communities, and lots and lots of development
Day 4 – CertainTeed Roofing – The Next Chapter in a Rich History
Day 3 – Hoty Enterprises – A Boost for the Builders
Day 2 – South Shore Marine – Something to See
Day 1 – ECEDC – Memorable Moments